Friday, June 10, 2016

Lessons from My NOLS Course

Lessons from My NOLS Course

Push your limits, because at the end of the day, it just takes rinsing off your grime and a good hot drink to make you comfortable again.

The post-backpacking blues are too real.

Life can always be simpler.

What's comfortable isn't rewarding. 

When in doubt, make brownie scramble.

Remain present. It's too easy to get ahead of yourself; the trail will unfold as you go.

Sometimes you might think "you can't," but the power of "wanting to" is always much stronger.

Assume good intent.

Fall asleep looking to the stars.

Abandon the fear of what's new, different and uncomfortable. Life is too precious, amazing and awe-inspiring to fear goodbyes, ends, and change. Don't settle for anything less than true happiness and fulfillment.
Trust is powerful when you let it be!

There's so much contentedness in the power of disconnection.

Even the slowest footsteps become miles.

Positivity can be your greatest power.

Life is about the sum of your experiences!

If you don't reach your X today, tomorrow allows a new opportunity to. 

"You can always add more water, but you can't take it out when you've added too much"

What's important? Sun, fresh air, good company, and the energy of the wilderness

There's not much that is more fulfilling than pushing yourself to what you believe to be your limits, and finding new ones in the process.

Sometimes you have to go off trail to spot the big-horned sheep!

Define yourself by the strength of your character and spirit, the depth of experience, the meaning of your connections, and continued growth.

And the final lesson:

NOLS is life-changing!

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