Friday, March 4, 2016

San Diego Vacation Highlights

In the beginning of January, Daniel and I had the good fortune to visit our friends Laura and Mitchell in sunny San Diego - a welcomed escape from winter in Syracuse (though it's been markedly light this winter!). You can read more about our trip in my post about our visit to the Channel Islands. This post is just a brief representation of our trip through photos, with short captions.

Flying out:

Great company for exploring and fun:

Balboa Park:

Amazing sunsets:

Chasing waves and playing at the beaches:

So much interesting wildlife (helps when your primary company hold Animal Behavior degrees!):

My first time touching the Pacific Ocean!

Seaport Village:

And, of course, the amazing San Diego zoo - my bird nerd was in heaven, and I enjoyed it too!

Overall thoughts:

It's crazy how different the West Coast is from the East - and how different San Diego was from even San Francisco when we went there (guess we have a trend of having friendships with those in "San"s!). I think my favorite part of San Diego was how active and outdoorsy the real tourist attractions are - from walking through Balboa Park and Seaport Village, to engaging with the natural wildlife at the beaches and tide pools, to the conservation wild at the world renowned zoo, it was a must-do vacation for anyone who likes to stay active and out in the wonderful California sunshine! On top of it all, going in January was AWESOME. Channel Islands National Park wasn't busy, and the amazing, ever-popular zoo was practically empty, despite it being a super sunny, 63 degree day (heaven to a New Yorker!). 

Loved it!

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