About Me

Hi, my name's Mandi - welcome to my blog!

A Little Bit About Me

Since I was a teenager I've enjoyed writing, and while this is primarily a place to share my travels and outdoor experiences, it's also a great place to share my mind when necessary (see the random things under the "personal tab".)

I hold a Master's degree in Recreation, with a concentration in Outdoor and Environmental Education, and find so much peace and joy in the outdoors!

I love being physically active - my favorite things to do are running, hiking and going for walks, but I also enjoy swimming and yoga occasionally. It's my stress reliever and helps to keep me sane!

I am currently working an amazing job as an Outdoor Program Manager and camp director for my local Girl Scout council - literally my childhood dream come true!

My husband, Daniel, and I were married September 2016 - his face will pop up here a lot!

In recent years, I have developed a love for the idea of "collect experiences, not things," and this blog is here to serve as a documentation of these experiences! Whether it be camping, hiking, backpacking, biking, et cetera, in my home state or beyond, working on our bucket list to visit every U.S. National Park, or exploring cities we've never set foot in before, it will all be found here!

Happy reading!

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