Sunday, October 18, 2015

5k pride!!

I don't run as many 5ks as I'd like to, but I have run a few! I've done two Turkey Trots, a color run and a 5k to benefit the local Red Cross. Today, I had signed up for one to benefit my hometown credit union's scholarship program, in memory of a local math teacher, avid runner and man who helped to actually form the credit union.

In September, I signed up to join my local YMCA's running club, and now participate in speed workouts every Monday night after work. It's truly reinvigorated my love for running that I've been building on for the past two years, and I've been running much more than I have in quite a long time, and going much faster than I have! When I got sick with H. Pylori for 6 months last year, I was unable to walk up a flight of stairs without having my heart beat out of my chest, let alone going for a run! So when I was finally diagnosed and treated in November last year, when I returned to running, I started right at the bottom with 13 minute miles... womp womp. Luckily, I worked hard to move past that. I did a half-marathon this past April and solidly maintained an 11:30 min/mile pace over the 13.1 miles, which was fantastic... but in the back of my head, I still had my memories of when I first started running and was consistently between 10 and 11, instead of 11 and 12.

So lately, I think majorly due to my speed workouts and larger number of miles, I've seen my pace start speeding up, without much effort, so I went into today's 5k with high hopes of doing better than the 36 minute 5ks I have done in the past... and wow, did it turn out to be a race to be proud of!!

It was a brisk day today, around 40 degrees out and windy, but it was sunny and it was so motivating and effortless to be running around my hometown - it made it much easier to keep pushing, because I knew how much was left in my head! My chest and breathing hurt from the cold air and I thought I was going to throw up quite a few times from pushing my body harder than I'm used to, but something in me told me to keep pushing anyway... didn't hurt that when I passed the first mile mark the volunteer yelled out "8:40"! What?! 8:40 for my first mile... insane!

I ended up finishing with a 29:33, a 9:30 pace!!! As I told my mom, "Crushed it"!!

Daniel and I took the drive home (an hour+) after that, picked up some take-out and I rightfully ended the day on the couch like this:

Perfect two ways to spend a chilly fall Sunday!

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